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Take a look at the categories for the North West Family Business Awards:

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Agri-Business Excellence Award: Celebrating Innovation and Diversification in Farming Ventures

The agricultural sector is a cornerstone of the UK economy, contributing over £24 billion annually. This award is to recognise exceptional contributions within farming and associated Agri related businesses and for those who innovate and add value to the core farm business.

Whether in non-food enterprises such as machinery and equipment, caravan parks, turf production, or wildflower cultivation, or within food-related businesses such as farm shops, and cheese-making. The primary criteria is demonstrating how these diversifications actively support and contribute to a resilient and sustainable farm business model.

Builders of Tomorrow Award: Recognising Construction, Property & Engineering Excellence in the North West

This award celebrates the visionary contributions of Construction, Property & Engineering businesses shaping the landscape of the region. From commercial and residential ventures to industrial and civil projects, this accolade honours family-owned businesses at the forefront of designing, constructing, maintaining, and enriching the environments that define our communities.

This category acknowledges enterprises that demonstrate exceptional quality in their respective fields, showcasing innovation, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. From architects to builders, engineers to property developers, this award spotlights those dedicated to creating and sustaining the structures that form the backbone of our region’s infrastructure.

Business Services Excellence Award: Honoring Family Businesses Powering the North West

The backbone of the North West’s success lies within its network of service providers, catering to both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) needs. This category celebrates the diverse array of services, spanning from finance, accounting, childcare, hairdressers, to artistic endeavours, all integral to the region’s vitality.

This award acknowledges two outstanding family-owned businesses—one in the B2B sector and another in the B2C sector—that deliver excellence in service provision. Whether offering crucial support to fellow businesses or directly enhancing the lives of consumers, these enterprises showcase exceptional dedication, innovation, and commitment to their respective sectors.

Join us in honouring these remarkable family businesses that play pivotal roles in shaping the region’s economic landscape and enhancing the daily lives of North West residents through their outstanding service offerings.

North West Manufacturing Excellence Award: Recognising the Legacy of Innovation and Ingenuity

This distinguished award celebrates the profound legacy of manufacturing excellence within the North West region. Honouring family businesses across diverse sectors and scales, this category pays tribute to their pivotal contributions in upholding the region’s storied manufacturing heritage.

From traditional industries to cutting-edge technologies, this award spotlights family-owned manufacturers who exemplify innovation, precision, and unwavering commitment to quality. Their dedication to pushing boundaries, fostering growth, and shaping the future of manufacturing echoes the region’s enduring legacy of ingenuity.

Vital Transporters Award: Celebrating Family Businesses Powering North West Haulage, Logistics, and Distribution

This prestigious award recognises the indispensable role played by family-owned businesses in keeping our region in motion. Honouring those who tirelessly transport goods, livestock, and essential supplies across the North West, this category shines a spotlight on their pivotal contributions to the region’s logistical backbone.

From hauling goods to ensuring timely distribution, these family businesses exemplify reliability, efficiency, and excellence in the realm of transport and logistics. Their commitment to seamless operations and dependable services is instrumental in sustaining the flow of goods and materials that support our communities and industries.

Wholesale Visionaries Award: Honoring North West Family Businesses in Wholesale

This esteemed award recognizes the exemplary contributions of family-owned wholesale businesses across our region. From supplying essential goods to facilitating commerce, this category celebrates the pivotal role these businesses play in the region’s economic ecosystem.

Open to wholesalers of diverse sizes and industries, this award highlights family enterprises that excel in delivering quality products, services, and innovative solutions. Whether providing crucial supplies or fostering partnerships within the business community, these wholesalers demonstrate dedication, reliability, and a commitment to excellence.

Retail Innovators Award: Celebrating North West Family Businesses in Retail and E-Tailing

This distinguished award recognizes the ingenuity and resilience of family-owned retail and e-tail businesses across our region. From traditional storefronts to innovative online platforms, this category applauds those who have made a significant impact in the retail landscape.

Open to businesses of all sizes and specialities, this award honours family enterprises that excel in offering exceptional products, services, and customer experiences. Whether through brick-and-mortar stores or cutting-edge e-commerce platforms, these businesses demonstrate adaptability, creativity, and a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

Local Culinary Trailblazers Award: Honoring Outstanding Family-Owned Food and Drink Producers in the North West

The North West boasts an array of exceptional family-run food and drink producers, each contributing to putting our region firmly on the culinary map. This distinguished award celebrates their remarkable achievements and pivotal role in showcasing the diverse and exquisite flavours originating from our counties.

Recognising the innovation, dedication, and craftsmanship of these family businesses, this award spotlights those who have elevated the regions gastronomic reputation. From artisanal delicacies to time-honoured recipes, these producers have woven their passion and expertise into every creation, leaving an indelible mark on the culinary landscape.

Family-Owned Culinary Excellence Award: Celebrating Exceptional Food and Drink Establishments in the North West

This award celebrates the exceptional contributions of family-run food and drink establishments across the region. From cosy cafes and inviting restaurants to charming pubs, this category recognises these family businesses’ unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier cuisine and exceptional service.

Honouring establishments that prioritise both quality in their fare and excellence in customer service, this award acknowledges the dedication and passion that elevate these venues. Whether it’s crafting delectable dishes, curating memorable dining experiences, or fostering a welcoming atmosphere, these family-owned establishments stand out for their outstanding contributions to the vibrant culinary scene of the North West.

Tourism Trailblazers Award: Honouring Family Businesses Driving the North West's Leisure and Tourism Scene

This distinguished award celebrates the pivotal role played by family businesses in shaping the region as a premier tourist destination. From accommodation providers to leaders in coach tours, sports, attractions, and entertainment, this category recognizes the diverse contributions these businesses make to the region’s vibrant leisure and tourism landscape.

Acknowledging their dedication to providing unforgettable experiences, exceptional services, and unique offerings, this award spotlights family-owned businesses that enhance the North West’s allure to travellers and locals alike. Their commitment to hospitality, entertainment, and tourism infrastructure significantly enhances the region’s appeal and fosters memorable experiences for visitors.

North West Employee Excellence Award: Honouring Outstanding Contributions

Acknowledging the significant role family businesses play in employing over 25% of the UK’s workforce, our Employee of the Year category recognises exceptional individuals—both family members and non-family employees—who consistently exceed expectations. This award celebrates those remarkable employees who go the extra mile in their dedication and commitment.

Nominations for outstanding employees, spanning all levels within family businesses, are reviewed by our panel of judges to select deserving finalists. The ultimate winner is determined through a combination of public votes and judges’ scores, highlighting the individual’s exceptional contributions and impact within their organisation.

Rising Stars Award: Celebrating Impactful Emerging Family Businesses in the North West

They may be young in years, but their impact is mighty. This award honours emerging family businesses that have been trading for a minimum of 1-3 years, yet already exhibit a remarkable influence within their industry or specialism.

Open to businesses from any sector, this category shines a spotlight on these rising stars making waves through their innovation, resilience, and dedication. Whether disrupting established norms, introducing pioneering ideas, or fostering positive change, these ventures demonstrate exceptional promise and potential.

Community's Champion Award: Empowering the Voice of the North West

It’s your community’s turn to shine the spotlight! This special award invites customers and local communities to have a say in celebrating their favourite family businesses across the North West. Open to enterprises of all sizes and sectors, trading for a minimum of 6 months, this award gives the public a chance to champion their beloved family-owned businesses.

Through online nominations and a public voting process, the North West community will select the standout family business that holds a special place in their hearts. This award embodies the essence of community support and recognition, allowing one remarkable business to earn the title of the overall winner—truly celebrated and endorsed by the people they serve.

The Green Award: For exceptional environmental sustainability in North West Family Owned Businesses

This award recognises family businesses that have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The award is presented to family businesses that have implemented sustainable practices and initiatives that have had a positive impact on the environment. These initiatives may include reducing waste, conserving energy, using renewable resources, and promoting environmental awareness.

The Green Family Business Award is for a family business that has demonstrated exceptional leadership in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

We hope that this award will inspire other family businesses to adopt sustainable practices and help create a more sustainable future for all.

Purpose-Driven Family Business Award: Celebrating Compassion and Community Impact

This award acknowledges family-owned businesses propelled by a clear purpose and a profound dedication to their community. It applauds enterprises of all sizes and sectors that, having operated for a minimum of six months, exemplify a genuine commitment to delivering measurable social impact.

Entrants are invited to showcase their social responsibility by detailing their initiatives and practices that have significantly contributed to the improvement of their community. Applicants are encouraged to provide both qualitative and quantitative evidence illustrating the transformative effects of their business actions on individuals and the broader community.

Digital Transformation Award: Celebrating businesses embracing new technology

This award is to recognise family businesses that have successfully transformed one or all their business processes, customer experience, and brought about cultural change using digital technologies.

Businesses should identify the digital technologies they used, how they used them, and what the outcomes were in terms of soft and hard metrics.

The judges will also consider the scalability and sustainability of the digital transformation.

Leadership Excellence Award: Recognising an outstanding leader in our region

This award recognises the most outstanding family business leader who has successfully navigated the unique challenges of a family-run enterprise, fostering growth, sustainability, and strong family values. The winner of this award will have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, a commitment to innovation, and a dedication to the success of their family business.

The Best Family Business Leader Award can be family or non-family and is presented annually to one stand-out individual who has made a significant difference to their business and the people working within the businesses.

North West Family Business of the Year

North West Family Business of the Year Award will be decided from the winners of each judged category.

Please note: Family businesses must have been trading for at least a year to enter NWFBA*. Our judges reserve the right to move applicants between categories if they feel a business is better suited to an alternative category to that applied for.

*With the exception of Best Social Impact and People’s Choice which specifies trading of 6 months by the time of the awards.

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